Hello … Again

I won’t be ranting much in this installment of the rant archive.  I need to ease back into it.

As I write this, the sky is a menacing, roiling gray, and my neighbor’s roof is already under two inches of water.  My son just informed me that his window ledge is also covered with water, despite his window being closed.  A quick towel does the trick in his bedroom; the neighbor is on his own.

Life has not stood still in the many months that have passed since I updated this site regularly.  I’m working a stable job in a perilous IT career track — perilous only because of the short-sightedness of dot-com startups with no real business plans or revenue streams.  I have rededicated my spare time to family and creative efforts, to the mild disappointment of some of my friends.  I know they are my friends because they have remained supportive, despite my withdrawal.  (Thanks to all of you.)

My family (especially my wife) has been supportive as well, encouraging me to write stories, play music, build a guitar.  And with every finished story draft, they have perched silently on the bed as I read out loud, pausing now and then to make a note when something just didn’t sound right.  They have offered some critical feedback, and they have occasionally offered more praise than the work deserved.  Fortunately, I have been able to get less biased feedback from two writing groups as well.

Over the last three years, a couple of new poems and rants found their way to my old website.  Beyond that, there was not much activity, and it’s time for that to change.  I have procured the domain name lytspeed.net, changing the spelling slightly to accommodate the net gods.  I have redesigned the site to reflect my commitment to writing, giving the pages the look of a spiral notebook.  There has always been a lot of information on these pages, so I added a much needed search feature.  The site now has a separate section for special features, like my son’s artwork, and I have added a list of writing-related links.  The site has undergone a critical proofreading, as well, but if you find any mechanical or stylistic problems, or if you just want to tell me you agree or disagree with something I’ve said, please let me know.

It’s time to post this page.  Thanks for listening, and be sure to whack me upside the head if I become lazy again and haven’t updated the site in a while!

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