Geeking out

Flat Rabbit jam; John wasn’t able to show due to another commitment, but Brad and I went through all our material and played a bunch of other songs and song fragments. I also bought a Creative Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum setup for the computer. It has an SPDIF input and MIDI In and Out so I can interact with my Fender Cyber-Twin Amplifier easily. How does this relate to creativity? It’s a music tool. Perhaps I can make some digital recordings and post them to this site as MP3s. (Being a geek, it also makes me very happy to be able to connect my music, writing and computer hobbies all together. 😀 )

I also bought Morrowind, by Bethesda Softworks. This is the sequel to Daggerfall, and could prove to be a huge time sink if I’m not very careful. Perhaps I could use sessions of Morrowind as rewards for accomplishing small writing goals, as Bruce suggested in his workshop.

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