Sour mood

Today was a relaxing day, but my mood is pretty sour. I’ve been snapping at my wife and son and heaping guilt on myself for playing Morrowind instead of getting some writing done. By the end of the day, I hope to get my review of The Legend That Was Earth written, and perhaps review Rush’s new album, Vapor Trails. I also want to put together a CD of the cover tunes that Flat Rabbit plays to use as a practice CD. If I add to this entry, that means that I got some or all of that done. If I don’t add to it, put your fingers in the shape of an “L” on your forehead and call me a complete loser.

(Later that evening …) Okay, you don’t have to call me a complete loser. I did finish the review of The Legend That Was Earth. (I know, I know, “that” and “was” technically shouldn’t be capitalized in that title. I chose to capitalize them anyway because it’s a pretentious enough title that those words feel like they need to be capitalized.) It’s fairly late now, though, so I won’t get the Rush review or the CD put together. I guess that just makes me a partial loser, rather than a complete loser. 😉

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