Doing Crunches — metaphorically, anyway

Today is a crunch day before my presentation at my company’s quarterly manager’s meeting. I’m not nervous; I expect more of a discussion than a presentation, actually. Saturday, I’m taking my son to the airport so he can go see his Mom for a month.

I have mixed emotions about that. I’m glad because he will be seeing his mother and rebuilding a relationship that has some pretty serious gaps, and I’m glad to have some time to fill some of the gaps in my own life during the time he’s gone. But I’m also sad that he won’t be there when I go home for a month. I hope he e-mails me occasionally.

The day after that, I’m going to Las Vegas with my wife and stepson. I’m taking a laptop along, but I may not get many chances to update this journal (or, for that matter, be creative) while I’m gone. I guess it depends on how much money we lose at the casinos. Hah!

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