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I found out today that I am now the official webmaster for West Side’s Book Annex. I will be putting in some time revamping and adding to the current site soon. That whole thing came about because I had done a search on Google for the exact string “Stories for All Seasons” and this site ranked 3rd out of 300+ listings. I sent that information along to the owner of West Side Books, and she asked me what I was doing right, then offered me the responsibility of being the webmaster. Now I just need to perform the same feat with the West Side Books site.

I also sent out the Old Possum’s Writing Group announcements for next Monday’s meeting, which didn’t require a lot of creativity, but does relate to writing. 🙂

I relaxed in bed last night by reading some more of Zen Guitar. I find that I’m enjoying that book very much, especially since I’m in the midst of a musical spurt. Some of the issues that I have been concerned about as a player are addressed in the book. If I can remember to take the book’s advice and rely on intuition when I’m playing, rather than trying to think too much about what I’m playing, I will become a better player. When I finish that book, I will definitely post a review on this site.

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