It worked! My wife and I cut the bookshelves in half, and we now have six merely huge shelves. We were even able to save the backing on three of them, so it only took me $20 to buy sheets of 1/8″ hardboard to use as backing for the other three. I have three standing next to each other along one wall of the office and a fourth at a right angle to the others. My computer desk and servers are along the wall opposite the three shelves, and the center of the room is clear except for an exercise bike. It’s all set up!

I guess there is some creativity involved in all of this house working; it may not be writing or music, but it certainly requires creativity to overcome some of the obstacles in building or repairing things. It’s not over yet, either. We still have four complete rooms to paint, some wallpaper to hang, and some wainscoting to tack up in the next week or two.

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