Today was a day for housekeeping on the website, and I didn’t do much that was creative. Basically, I organized the files behind the scenes of the site, which will probably confuse the spiders, but the site is active enough that they will be back soon to index it.

The only change that will be visible to readers is the absence of the Current Rant link. Since I started this Creativity Journal, most of the things that I was inclined to rant about have appeared here. The Creativity Journal has really become the focus of the site, so I reordered the links down the left side of the page and removed the Current Rant link.

In the afternoon, a fast-moving thunderstorm passed over Boulder, where I work. The clouds were a dark, roiling gray, and they carried a short, hard rain. As the thunderhead approached, we could see the leading edge of the cloud rolling in upon itself. Half an hour later, blue sky was spreading over the Flatirons. Welcome to Colorado, where we can have all four seasons in one day.

I had planned to go see Flex Luther tonight at Cricket on the Hill, but I have had less than 15 hours of sleep in the last three days due to my writing groups and the Johnny A concert. I think I’d better stay home tonight and get some sleep.

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