Father’s Day

Today has been an excellent Father’s Day. I slept in, enjoyed some serious cuddle time with my girlfriend, Lannette, and have had lots of time to work on my network server.

Lannette made an excellent breakfast, and when I went downstairs to eat, two cards were waiting at my table setting, one from her and one from her son, Logan. Both cards were beautiful and touching, and Lannette had slipped a CompUSA gift card inside the Father’s Day card.. My son, Keith, told me that his present would be coming later in the day.

And what a present it was! Keith has always been artistic, as evidenced on this site in his Pokemon drawings from several years ago, but he also has great musical talent and recently started spouting poetry like a fountain. (I wish my muse was as active as his!)

Keith’s present to me is the following poem, and I’m very proud of him for writing it and presenting it to me.


“The Man Who Loves Me”

The man who loves me
Holds me tightly when needed,
But also gives me the freedom to find my own

The man who loves me
Supports my every venture,
And gives me the strength should I

The man who loves me
Is never judgmental,
But has the wisdom to offer guidance when I’m

The man who loves me
Knows my pain;
Even if he’s never told, he can see it in my

The man who loves me
Stands beside me,
Even if he’s far away I can feel him with

The man who loves me
Is my hero.
I hope one day to be the person my father taught me to

— Keith Johnson

You’re well on your way to being that person, son. Thank you.

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