Oh Clementines

I love my Treo 650. This entire blog entry, including the picture and the hyperlinks, is being generated on the Treo.

First, I took a picture of a coworker’s clementines sitting in formation on the floor (don’t ask) using the built-in camera. Then I resized the picture using JPGview. Then I uploaded it to my FTP site using VFSFTP. Then I moved it to the appropriate folder on my web server using a DOS batch file, which I activated by logging into my desktop computer using PalmVNC. Finally, I went to my private WAP submissions page and typed this entry.

Is there an easier way? I’m sure there is, using some pre-constructed software. But the point of this Creativity Journal is to explore creative things, and being able to say I used my own creativity to put together this site and devise my own method of doing this means something to me.

Update: In the interest of full disclosure, I did edit this post after uploading. I had specified the HREF link for the picture incorrectly, so I respecified it within the text of the post. That made the picture show up. Also, I added line breaks. Evidently, the Treo 650 sends a different CR/LF combination than the Treo 300 did, so no paragraphs showed up. No problem; I just need to do a little more work on the code.

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