(For Phil Sudo)

Earthly tones, with pitch
Ascending, stairsteps to
Divinity.  Silver strings,
Gossamer wings, carry us
Beyond this world to ride
Ethereal melodies.

Expectations fall away,
Allowing soul to soar
Drifting upward in a
Gyre, each cycle higher than
Before.  Tune up!  And
Elevate your consciousness.

— Stace Johnson, 2006


The “Sonnette” is a poetry form that I invented, and a few of the poems on this site are written in that format.  Basically, it’s a shortened Italian sonnet (7 lines) with a rhyme scheme of abab ccc and a subtle turn (or volta) at the stanza break.  Like the traditional Italian sonnet, it uses Iambic Pentameter.

The name “Sonnette” derives from a combination of “sonnet” and “Lannette,” my wife’s name.  The first sonnette was written for her.

For examples of sonnettes on this website, see the following poems:

Missing in Atlanta”  (2006)

Thy Cup Runneth Over”  (2006)

Thy Cup Runneth Over

Thy Cup Runneth Over
(A Sonnette)

I worship at the mound, my senses filled
With musky Goddess warmth and slipp’ry taste
You shiver, shout, and in orgasmic haste
Your holy water from within is spilled.

We cuddle, spent, while candle flickers show
How chin to brow, I with your essence glow
My body blessed by your baptismal flow.

— Stace Johnson, 2006