Contemplating Modernization

I’m considering making the move from my hand-coded Creativity Journal to the blog system you are are reading now, which is provided by my ISP.

Advantages for this blog system:
Easy formatting – 2
Easy entry – 1
Better security – 3
Multiple blogs – 2
Multiple categories per blog – 2
Comments – 2
RSS – 3
Motivation for redesign – 1
Online site design – 2
Total advantages for new system: 18

Disadvantages for this blog system:
Uses an extra MySQL database – 3
What to do with the hundreds of old posts – 3
Total disadvantages for new system: 6
Total ads minus disads for new system: 12

Advantages for the old system:
Hand coded (prideware) – 1
Matches my site – 3
Cool indentations – 2
Phone compatible – 2
Total advantages for old system: 8

Disadvantages for the old system:
Poor security – 3
Micro$oft dependent – 3
Design getting old – 1
Total disadvantages for old system: 7
Total ads minus disads for old system: 1

Winner: Go to the new system.

Kind of a no-brainer when I look at it this way, eh?

Watch this space for future updates.

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