Deep Subjects

My wife and I talk about deep subjects. After taking some laundry out of the dryer tonight and, inevitably, finding one unmatched black sock, I got to wondering: Is there a Bermuda Triangle for socks?

“Yes,” my wife replied emphatically when I asked her.

“Okay, so if we accept the existence of a Bermuda Triangle for socks, does that mean we also need to entertain the possibility of a Bermuda Shorts Triangle?”

She just groaned and rolled her eyes. Okay, so this was not one of the deep subjects that we talk about. (Too bad, really. It seemed interesting to me.)

Usually, our deep talks have more to do with philosophy, psychology, children, science, music, esoterica, or history. We don’t always agree, but we do discuss, and I like that. One of my wife’s most impressive qualities is her intelligence, and I’m thankful almost every day for our mental connection.

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