King of the Bee!

Please allow me to present my stepson, Logan, the winner of the 2008 Pinnacle Charter School Spelling Bee!

Logan with trophy

A couple of years ago, Logan performed well enough in the school Spelling Bee to attend the Adams 12 district bee, but was tripped up by the word “condor,” which he actually did know how to spell. This year, he got his revenge on the condor, and conquered the spelling bee with the winning word “terrestrial.”

The Pinnacle is a K-12 charter school, and two years ago, it was part of the Adams 12 district. Now, however, it is part of a state charter, and the participation rules for charter schools in the Scripps spelling bee events are evidently significantly tougher than for public schools. The school made sure it crossed all its Ts and dotted all its Is, and was allowed to participate as a qualifying school. Since it is not part of a public school district, that means Logan’s win puts him directly into the Colorado State Spelling Bee, which will take place at the Colorado Convention Center in March!

Way to go, Logan! We’re extremely proud of you, and we’ll be there rooting for you in March!

7 thoughts on “King of the Bee!

  1. Way to go Logan! Now you’re gonna kick patutiy in the state competition! Let us know when so hopefully we can attend. Love you, Uncle Steve and Aunt Judy

  2. That’s our boy ! We are so thankful someone in this family can spell.
    We are very proud of you, Grandson.
    Love you lots’

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