Blackberry Blossom

Tonight, while listening to Doc Watson’s flying bluegrass fingers play “Blackberry Blossom,” I thought of an old friend, a musician.  He plays a mean version of that tune.

About a month ago, he contacted me, out of the blue.  He had escaped a bad marriage and worse divorce with nothing but his instrument and clothing.  We traded a few e-mails, but I was busy and said I would get back with him.  Tonight, I found his address and sent him an e-mail.  I got an immediate reply.

“Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently.”

Oh God.  I hope he’s okay.

Two More Bits

Three days ago, I wrote about my state quarter obsession, and how it helps me fend off the gathering gloom.

Since finding the Oklahoma quarter mentioned in that post, I have found two more Philadelphia Mint state quarters: Colorado and Montana.  In the preceding year, I only found three that I could add to the collection.

Part of me wants to attribute this to a mystical form of karmic fulfillment; my inner skeptic insists that it’s mere coincidence.

Don’t get me wrong; I appreciate my inner skeptic.  But when it comes to my emotional outlook, I gotta follow the karma.

Two Bits to Happiness

I received an Oklahoma state quarter as change the other day.  I got excited; it was a Philadelphia Mint, one of the ones I was missing.  Living in Denver, it’s easy to find Denver mint state quarters, but to complete the collection, I need both Denver and Philadelphia mint.

Some of you are probably saying, “This dude gets excited about finding quarters?  He needs to get a life.”  A fair conclusion, I suppose.

But I say that I must find joy in the little things.  It’s the only way to fight off the overwhelming, dark, rumbling things on the horizon.

Which Science Fiction Writer Am I?

Found at my friend Chuck Anderson’s blog:

I am:

Ursula K. LeGuin

Perhaps the most admired writing talent in the science fiction field.

Which science fiction writer are you?


Yes, it’s a completely non-scientific, silly little Internet quiz, but I’m flattered nonetheless.

It’s Not My SQL Error

MySQL error:
Table ‘not_really_named_this’ doesn’t exist (Errno=1146) 

This is the last straw. Over the last year, I’ve had repeated downtime problems with my web hosting company, and this morning, one of my clients sent me a note, saying that his site was down. Sure enough, his blog database is down, as are all the other blogs I host.

Not just down, though. Gone. All of the MySQL tables in all of my hosted databases, just gone. I’m posting this while I wait for them to restore from backup, assuming they have one.

Anybody know a reliable, inexpensive web hosting company?