Geminids and New Beginnings

As I walked out to my car this morning, a couple of hours before dawn, I was greeted by a bright shooting star streaking across the western sky below Ursa Major, headed for Lynx. I forgot to make a wish, but in the clarity of the moment, I did remember to be thankful for that gift. I saw two more on the way to work.

A few nights ago, Lannette and I saw another one while we were driving, and I was quick to make a silent wish that time. It’s a good time to be wishing for things, because the Geminid meteor shower peaked last night, and there are likely to be a number of straggling meteors in the sky for the next week or so.

I’ll take all the wishing opportunities I can get right now. 2004 has been rife with changes for me, the most significant being the official end of a long term relationship and the welcome formation of a new family. It has been a stressful year at work, darkened by the loss of two longtime employees who were also friends, though it has not necessarily been an unproductive year.

The latest stressor is a good stressor; Lannette and I are buying a home. When the process is complete, it will be a good thing, but right now, it’s very stressful and there have been enough setbacks that I’ve become a bit paranoid about whether everything will work out okay before Christmas.

That’s where the wishes come in. For the rest of this week, every shooting star I see will be accompanied by a wish regarding some aspect of this home purchase. Any positive wishes that any of you can spare are welcome.