No Writing, Just Rooting

The family went to the Rockies-Diamondbacks game tonight, then watched fireworks after the show. I always enjoy watching my two favorite baseball teams duke it out at Coors Field, and this is the last chance we had to do so this season. The stadium staff passed out funky polarized prism glasses to use during the fireworks show, and they were fun for a while, but I eventually took them off to enjoy the pyrotechnic beauty of the show. We’ve had enough rain recently that I didn’t feel guilty about participating in a fireworks show; besides, there isn’t much in the way of grass or other flammable natural materials in the parking lot behind Coors Field, so I probably shouldn’t worry about it anyway.

Oh, yeah. The Rockies won. Again.

Rockies vs. Expos

I was given two free tickets to the Rockies/Expos game at Coors Field today, which the Rockies won 8-6. Helton played very well, hitting a homer and making a couple of clutch defensive plays. My son and I pigged out on Rockie Dogs with kraut, nachos, pizza, and sodas. I figure I gained about 5 pounds in exchange for my monetary sacrifice to the gods of concession.

With the looming strike, that’s likely to be our last game this year. We have September tickets for a fireworks game against my second favorite team, the World Champion Arizona Diamondbacks, but we will probably have to take them in for a refund.

I got notification today that my friend Chuck Anderson, a Denver writer and school teacher, has published a story at Grim Opus. Congratulations, Chuck! You’re an inspiration to us all. (Well, to me, anyway.)