Broncos and Friends

I did nothing creative today. I did, however, watch the Broncos beat up on the Bills and spend time with my friends, the Cooleys. Sometimes that friend time is necessary, and since committing to writing and music a couple of years ago, I don’t see them very often. I consider myself lucky to have friends that are willing to let me go after my goals, even if it means less time with them.

Thanks, guys

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Portrait MCE

Portrait MCE

After cummings

M.C. Escher
Lost among infinities
        that still
          blend perspectives into one
                            mobius strip
and draw  onetwothree... forevers justlikethat
                       in a dream.
You were a puzzling man
                  and what I want to know is
which of the figures are YOU in


— Stace Johnson, 1985

(Please take the time to read cummings' original poem,
"(Buffalo Bill's)" at Poetry Foundation.)
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