February Word Challenge, Day 7

(If you’re wondering what this is about, read this.)

My five random words for today’s exercise are toast, news, pigeon, varnish, hour.

Chosen word for free association: hour
time, day, second, impatience, missing someone

Ah, to be able to compress large quantities of time. To make a day, week, or month pass in an hour, skipping the down time like a DVR skips commercials. Timeshifting life; when we’ve evolved into transhumans, will we be able to set certain common tasks on autopilot, like a self-driving car, freeing up our brains for more cerebral pursuits? Will we be able to timeshift our lives and filter out the detritus, keeping only the significant portions in storage?

Will we be able to turn off our brains and skate through long periods of missing someone without the agony, allowing our cybernetic circuits to handle our daily life? And if we do, what does that do to our human experience?