Moonlight Scarenade

Moonlight Scarenade

(song lyrics)

He sat in the dark of a cold city park,
Dried tears shining clear in the starlight.
As the full moon rose, he rubbed at his nose
And began speaking out to the night.

“If I talk to the Moon about my fears
Maybe she can put and end to these tears.”
Well, the Moon said hello and began to climb slow
Over a mountain horizion.

“See, there’s this girl I respect, and I feel we connect
On a level below the waterline.
She’s been a good friend, and I hope that won’t end
If I tell her why I’ve been cryin’.

I’ve told you now, Moon, about one of my fears.
Tell me, what can I do to stop these tears?”
The Moon held her say as she went on her way
Across a starlight horizon.

“I’m not in a place where I can offer with grace
The feelings that I speak of,
But it would be a sin not to let her in
On the fact that I’m falling in love.”

Well, he told the full Moon about all of his fears
But she did not a thing to end his tears.
Instead, the Moon said good night as she slipped out of sight
Beneath a valley horizon.

As he sat in the park, shivering in the dark,
He knew the risk he had to face.
Their friendship was strong, and he knew it was wrong
Not to put his fear in its place.

He called to the Moon that he’d face his fears
And get on with his life despite the tears,
But the Moon was long gone, and he looked to the dawn
Tinting the eastern horizon.

— Stace Johnson, 1993