Resolute 2017

Resolute 2017
(for myself and the world in general)

Less anger
More agreement

Less bitching
More bonding

Less conflict
More cooperation

Less drinking
More dancing

Less excess
More economy

Less fighting
More fixing

Less griping
More giving

Less hate
More Haight

Less introversion
More inclusion

Less judging
More jokes

Less kicking
More kissing

Less loneliness
More love

Less madness
More music

Less negativity
More nature

Less oppression
More openness

Less politics
More poetry

Less quarrelling
More quality

Less racism
More respect

Less sexism
More sex

Less television
More time

Less ugliness
More understanding

Less violence
More victories

Less weed
More words

Less xenophobia
More xiexie

Less yammering
More yoga

Less zealousy
More zebras

— Stace Johnson, 2016


In the past, I’ve blogged my New Year’s resolutions and invariably set myself up for failure by making huge lists.  This year, it all fits in less than 100 words, but it’s still lengthy.

1.  Clean the litter boxes regularly.

2.  Start publishing fiction.

3.  Publish more non-fiction.

4.  Finish my webOS app.

5.  Strengthen my back and neck.

6.  Eat no McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches in 2010.

7.   Make (and meet) more reasonable goals at work.

8.  Streamline our finances.

9.  Read for enjoyment.

10.  Blog regularly.

11.   Transplant my Variax guitar electronics.

(At least the list goes to eleven.)

2007 Resolutions

Yes, like every other blogger in the blogosphere, I’m going to post my resolutions for the new year. I did this once before, in a prior incarnation of the Lytspeed Communications site, back before the term “blog” existed. I did keep a few of those resolutions, namely dropping the weight (45 pounds, actually!), playing more live music, volunteering for Colorado Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic, and learning more about coding HTML, but not in 1997.

Yes, my online home turns ten years old this year. And though I don’t have the popularity or visitation that mainstream bloggers have, I do feel pretty good about being ahead of the curve.

I think my resolutions for this year are quite a bit more reasonable than the ones I made in 1997. Maybe I’ll look back in another nine or ten years and see how many of them I accomplished this year.

Okay, enough stalling. Here are my resolutions for 2007:

Manage Finances Better – I have always had a hard time with finances, and I’m getting tired of always being behind the 8-ball. It’s time for me to get it together this year.

Take Care of My Health – My heart attack scare of a couple of years ago really woke me up, and I have made some changes to prevent that from happening again. However, there are some other concerns I need to address before they become Big Issues.

Write Every Day – Practice doesn’t make perfect, but it does make one better at what one practices, and I haven’t practiced writing enough. I need to write every day. What I write and which medium I use is immaterial; if I write every day, I will get back in the habit I used to have in college, when I was most prolific. Yes, that means more blog entries, too.

Publish Some Fiction – 2006 was a great year for me as far as writing goes. I published several articles at ComputorEdge, sold four poems to (now defunct, unfortunately), and actually managed to turn a meager profit for the year after deducting my writing-related expenses. However, I didn’t accomplish one of my main goals for last year, which was to publish some fiction. It’s time to complete the set this year.

Do My Taxes On Time – Last year, I was late — very late — in doing my taxes. I guess this could be part of managing my finances better.

Buy a Variax – Line 6 makes the ultimate geek guitar, and I want one so bad I can taste it. (Yum! Rosewood!) I have all kinds of ideas on how I could use it to make things easier in my gigs.

That’s it. Hopefully I’ll get somewhere with these goals this year, and if you’ve made resolutions, I hope you reach your goals as well.

Resolutions for 1998

“You say you want a resolution, well, you know, we all want to change the world.” — John Lennon

Oh, sorry, wrong world. Err, word.

New Year’s resolutions aren’t about changing the world, they are about changing ourselves, right? But, in some small way, doesn’t that change the world, too? Maybe that’s why it’s important to take New Year’s resolutions seriously. It is a time of year where millions of people resolve to do things to change themselves; some of them come true. If even some of those resolutions come to pass, it means a slight change in the world as a whole. The good news is that resolutions are generally devoted to positive changes, so that means this is a time of year where, if we take our resolutions seriously, we can make positive changes in ourselves, thereby bettering the world.

Sound a little far-fetched? Maybe so, but I’m a firm believer that the more good is out there, the better off we are. Any constructive change in ourselves will reflect outward to other people, hopefully reinforcing others’ constructive self-images. Often, one person’s success at keeping a resolution can become contagious, helping others to do the same.

I would like to create an anonymous list, to be posted on this website, of others’ resolutions. Perhaps we could check back later in the year, say every three months, and see what percentage of resolutions have been kept. Again, these will be anonymous, and any resolutions submitted can be vague to protect identities.

To get the ball rolling, I will list the resolutions that I intend to work on over the next year, not specifically in any order. (As I said, your submissions may be less specific than these. Also, all submissions will be held in strict confidence.) (Note 10/6/2014: This never happened.)


Stace’s New Year’s Resolutions

  • Spend more time with my son and stepson in constructive activities
  • Save at least $100 per month, no matter what
  • Start Christmas shopping early — like July!
  • Submit at least three short stories for publication
  • Learn more songs on guitar and perform publicly more often
  • Take (and pass) some MCSE classes
  • Ride my bike more and drop at least 30 pounds
  • Finish my Bachelor’s Degree in English
  • Volunteer time to Colorado Recording for the Blind
  • Volunteer time to Colorado Department of Education as a Knowledge Bowl reader
  • Make a dent in my Student Loan and other important debts
  • Continue to keep up with this website and learn more about advanced HTML features.

Hmmmm, doesn’t sound too tough. (cough!) Some of these will be easy, but they represent increases in time and money spent (or saved, as the case may be) for me, both of which are fairly rare commodities in my life. It will take work. Perhaps knowing that other people are trying to make difficult resolutions come to pass also will help me meet mine, and vice versa. I’m excited to see what kind of resolution bulletin board we can generate!

Remember, if you are celebrating this New Year’s Eve, please be safe. If you are drinking alcohol, know your limits and have a driver available if you have had too much.