Morning Morrowind

I felt better today, and attended work as usual. I’m upset with myself for missing work over a silly sinus problem, because I also missed a meeting that I was actually looking forward to attending. This morning, I got up at 5:30 AM and rode the exercise bike for a while, then discovered that I had plenty of time to do something else before I went to work.

So I played Morrowind. I know, I know, I’m supposed to write, not play games during this morning time. That was the agreement I made with myself. Hey, at least I exercised. That’s a start, and hopefully I will be able to get into that full bore when I’m not so worn out from playing “This Ole House” every night.

I should at least be able to get the hall ceiling painted tonight, and my wife can get some particularly needful parts of the bedroom primed.

Silly Sinus Problems

I stayed home from work today. I’ve been fighting with my sinuses since before we went to Las Vegas, and I think the sawdust from the bookshelf project did me in. I didn’t do much except sleep, sniffle, and read Sophie’s World today, but in the evening I did replace a damaged door upstairs. We wanted to get the new door up before painting the bedroom. Hopefully I will be able to paint the hall and bedroom ceilings tomorrow night, but I’m not overly optimistic.