Ten Things You’ve Probably Done That I Haven’t

I read on Andrew Nicolle’s blog about ten things that he had done that his readers hadn’t. Initially, I was tempted to copy him, in a sort of uninspired chain-blog way. But then, I thought about how I want to make most of these entries relate to creativity somehow, so I decided to flip it around.

Here’s my list of Ten Things You’ve Probably Done That I Haven’t.

1. Watched an episode of The X-Files, Survivor, or American Idol. (There are several years in my life in which I have spent less than 1% of my waking time watching TV. I’m pretty proud of that.)

2. Saw the ocean before the age of 35.

3. Watched Gone With the Wind.

4. Had some kind of surgery (yes, wisdom teeth and tonsils count!)

5. Had sex before the age of 22. (I’m not saying that waiting is a bad thing, it’s just a bit unusual to wait that long.)

6. Attended a high school football game.

7. Owned fewer than four handheld computers.

8. Met more than one of your grandparents.

9. Read The Da Vinci Code. (It’s on my list.)

10. Resisted the urge to car dance at red lights while people are staring at you.

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